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I was wondering...

And this is no more logical than what I thought they might think... excellent satire.

To the guy two below me, Obama's birth certificate has been posted online, if you really don't believe he was born in hawaii, just like every other reliable source says, then you can look at that, too. Glad to hear your fraternity hasn't converted you beyond all hope yet.

Oh, and the watermelon/voodo man was amazing.

good job, but all of you guys need to calm down.

First of all, all of that crap about ninjas moving at the speed of darkness and having massive arsenals of deadly weapons is entirely inaccurate. Historically speaking, ninjas were strung out teenaged opium junkies who would be paid for each job they preformed in a miniscule hit of opium, and if they were lucky, a small meal and a place to sleep for the night. Not that pirates were any better. There have been very few pirates who spent any amount of their time sober enough to walk, much less fight assassins. Albeit the ninjas had more advanced swords, whereas the pirates had the kind of accurate and deadly firearms and grenades that most military forces in asia could only dream of at the time. In truth, there is no accurate way to predict who would win, in the end it would boil down to environment and experience.


thats it. I'm going to steal your toilet and make 1,000,000 Firth clones who I will then hire to write my flashes for me.

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very well done

Quite well produced, the storyline almost reminded me of the ocarina of time, the same sense of sacrifice and sadness, it almost brought a tear to my eye before it said thank you for playing. Then I just laughed. As for the tard down below, "the jordan games" I believe, the gate you couldn't open was the objective after the objective after the 64 star one. Try jumping around with a little creativity, and then you'll get to have some wholesale firebreathing fun.

It's a good game, but with one major flaw

I've been playing this for a wile on a different site, and everything is stellar, except for one glitch: If you charge at an enemy unit with a formation, and in the process of the charge, one member of the formation is demoralized and retreats, the other units in the formation run through any other enemies and off of the screen, while the demoralized unit stands in place and does a gaydance. At this point the game just stops and we're left to watch grown men run in place and flap their hands around, which, admittedly is pretty funny, but gets a little old after the first three hours.


The gameplay and graphics were good, the only thing that bugged me was the blatantly bad english... maybe go through and proofread the text first.

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now I can't look at this picture without seeing a retarded gimli-face.

Great drawing besides, very anatomically believable and gritty looking, while maintaining the bleached out accuracy of a biology textbook illustration. That thing better not have any taste buds in it's assmouth, otherwise it is going to be one unhappy conglomerate of electrically charged organs.


This reminds me of the T'au

Its good, but

skeletons look way better when they're bald, in my opinion at least.

Seriously responds:

Bald is so cliche. I wanted to spice things up a bit.

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In your bathroom.

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